TakoMar® Marine

Structural Advantages

  • We are offering bezels in 3 main colors: White, Chrome and Black Matt. Other electrostatic powder painting colors are also available upon request.
  • Glass or acrylic made lenses are reflection free and come with anti-fog and scratch resistant treatment as standard. Domed or flat lens options are available.
  • Translucent LED illuminated dials are available in black and white as standard. Other colours and designs are available on demand.
  • All gauges are enhanced with full backlight & homogeneous LED illumination technology. TakoMar® series include standard white, blue and red backlights. Different colours as well as dimming option are available upon request.
  • All pointers have proper LED illumination with matching coated colours. Other colours are available on demand.
  • Shock resistant >PBT + %30GF< made casing is non-ferrous, thus providing highest guard against salt corrosion and dust intrusion.
  • 100mm gauges come with 10 poles locked-type TYCO 1534171 connectors, whereas 52mm instruments are enhanced with 6 poles NELTRON 2318HJ-06 connectors. All ready-to-plug connectors are supplied with 10cm marine wire.

Technological Advantages

  • Technological gap sets electronic gauges superior to analogue ones in terms of accuracy and durability. TakoMar® series electronic gauges are free from pointer bouncing defects or any needle problems caused by magnetic interference. Furthermore, electronic board additionally treated with conformal coating to ensure protection against humidity and air-borne contaminants such as salt-spray, thus preventing corrosion.
  • High-effective visual alarm indicator system is available for all 52mm gauges with blinking and constant operational functions. In addition, 100mm Speedo and Tacho gauges are able to host up to 4 supplementary warning lights as alternative.
  • Transflective Positive Display with big 35 mm x 21 mm provides outstanding readable and visible area. Adjustable monitoring functions for LCD are also available on the gauges.
  • Front size has complete waterproof sealing in compliance with IP67 standard.
  • All TakoMar® series instruments are compatible with both electronic and mechanical engines. CANBus Protocol support available for Speedo and Tacho as standard. 52mm gauges can also be upgraded to CANBus upon request. All gauges are appositively designed to operate on optional signal inputs of current, resistor, frequency, and voltage.
  • Easy plug-in system thanks to apposite plastic bushing provides stress-free mounting and flexible installation.
  • All TakoMar® instruments functioning on 12V/24V deliver optimum integration with existing engine, sensors, signal inputs providing at the same time ultimate adaptation with available gauges on the dashboard.
  • Modular peculiarity of the TakoMar® series allows unlimited flexibility of selection for pleasure boat and yacht manufacturers, but also makes it the most preferable product par excellence on aftermarket for the boat owners.


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