A Little Break

The Takosan senior management team organized a short break at Life Port Hotel to mark an end of intense and critical process of relocation from the old Güngören Istanbul plant into newly constructed TOSB Çayırova Kocaeli facility for all members of the “Takosan family”.

The “Takosan family” comprises of all TOSB and Tepeören employees who gathered together to spend some quality time away from work just prior to the annual summer break in a relaxed and casual atmosphere and concluded with a dinner.

Takosan New Year’s Party

On 27th December 2013, a New Year’s Party was held for all Takosan staff in the dining hall of Takosan Company.

During the evening, the General Manager Mr. İsmail Çetinkal gave a brief speech to all employees summarizing events of 2013 and his expectations for 2014 together with the economic conditions of the country.