Trade Mission to India

The Deputy General Manager of Takosan Company Dinçer Serin took part in “Trade Mission to India” initiative, organized by TAYSAD under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy between 4-8 June, 2017.
The Turkish delegation visited some of the biggest automotive companies operating in India such as TATA and Mahindra. During the trip, special B2B meetings were organized with the purchasing departments of above mentioned companies with the aim of discussing possible cooperation opportunities.

Fire Drill at Takosan

On 02nd May 2017, management of Takosan Company organized a fire drill at its TOSB plant involving all company employees. The purpose of the drill was to provide tactical experience, sufficient knowledge and training for the employees as well as empower them to calmly face and handle all circumstances that might arise during emergencies, especially fire. Present at the conducted exercise were the members of local Fire Department and Paramedics team.
One of the main scenarios of the drill was a situation with fractured leg of an employee, who then was successfully carried out into safety by well correlated team work.