New Plastic Injection Plant

Takosan plastic injection and mold manufacturing activities have been transferred to the new plant in Takosan TOSB facilities.

Construction work for the new plant has been started in September 2015, and finalized rapidly despite difficulties due to weather conditions; and new plant has been put in service in March 2016.

With the new plastic injection plant, Takosan managed to collect all activities in Turkey at the same location. Productivity and Synergy created with this status is expected to affect all activities positively.

3. Yeni Plastik Enjeksiyon Fabrikası 2

3. Yeni Plastik Enjeksiyon Fabrikası 1

Takosan R&D Center

Takosan R&D Center approval process which started in October 2015, has been finalized after Ministry of Science & Technology audits held in January – February 2016. Takosan R&D Center has been officially announced during the meeting at Ministry of Science & Technology on  date 19.02.2016.


We are proud of being granted the government support and incentives on our R&D studies, which has been driven by Takosan’s own resources up to now. Praises of ministry representatives and auditing academicians during all approval process has been an encouraging factor on our determination to achieve further.

1. Takosan Arge Merkezi 1