Agritechnica 2015 visit

Agritechnica is being organized from 1985, and is the largest agricultural machines exhibition in the world. The biyearly event has took place between dates 8-14 November 2015 with participation of 2900 exhibitors from 52 countries. Next event will be at dates 12-18 November 2017.


On behalf of Takosan, Mr. Arda Köken, Mr. Dinçer Serin and Mr. Babken Nanyan member of the board for Nursanlar Holding has participated to Agritechnica 2015 exhibition.


During the event, meetings with OEM’s made and trends of the market with new tractor models has been followed.
Takosan-Haber 6 - Foto1

Temsa visited Takosan

Engineering and purchasing executives of Temsa have visited Takosan on date 24 December 2015, following previous visit at Temsa which has been made on date 24 November 2015.
During the meeting, visitors has been introduced in detail with Takosan’s product development and project capabilities. Additionally, Takosan’s proposals for Temsa instrument cluster needs have been evaluated.
It has been agreed to continue the joint studies in order to replace the current instrument clusters which are being supplied from a global producer with Takosan developed ones.

Haber 4 - Temsa Ziyareti Fotograf